Salomé Mooij

Since graduating from the RITCS in Brussels, Salomé Mooij (1990) has created site specific work on location. Reconstructie van een schuilplaats (‘Reconstruction of a shelter’) recently premiered in Beyond the Black Box. In this performance she explores the free space in the public space.

Through objects found on the street, she shares her observations with the public. She invites them to meticulously examine and shape what is in the shared space: “I see it as a kit in which the public is slowly involved; by building or being built on. But ‘no thanks’ should always be an option.”

Sander Janssens wrote for Theaterkrant about her performance: “Reconstruction of a shelter is a sympathetic, warm performance that appeals to youthful sentiments: we can make what we want in a playful way, and moreover: if I don’t see the rest, the rest won’t see me either, right?”

Read the interview ‘Salomé Mooij: hiding against the current‘ (in Dutch).