We are MOHA. Moha’s name comes from Hungarian, it means moss. We chose this name to reflect the desire to embody a moss like quality which grows and expands even in the most unexpected conditions. We see our work as a resilient living ecosystem. Moha/moss is not one entity, and therefore can’t have only one fixed definition. Therefore our work grew into the merge of many fields: urbanism, anthropology, social choreography, magic realism, performance art, guerrilla art and activism among others. 

In the fall of 2022, MOHA (Alice, Olivia, Lisanne, Jetske, Zsofia, Marina) started the project We live here in the Pottenberg neighborhood of Maastricht in collaboration with Cultuurmakers Maastricht, Via Zuid and Woonpunt. Six neighbors, six artists, six curious researchers, who (will) live for a while in the Mammoetflat on Potteriestraat – the Mammoetflat that is on the verge of demolition (not yet clear when, but the big pull-out has already started). From this spot, they will investigate the role of ‘care’ in Pottenberg: how do people take care of their (t)home and the neighborhood they live in?

For Beyond the Black Box 2023, MOHA developed, in collaboration with De Brakke Grond, We live here, a series of performative acts outside the spotlight.

“We will be here. We won’t be in the spotlight. Just an invisible support. Filling the cracks. We will be there. Where we are not expected. Be present. Always to be found. A warm touch. We will be there. Familiar bodies. Stranger faces. Standing. Guiding. Caring for you. Carrying you.