Rita Hoofwijk

Rita Hoofwijk (1994) is a Dutch artist. Her work begins in actual, Rita Hoofwijk creates installations and does site-specific, spatial interventions. These temporary environments seem to ask us, in all simplicity, to reconsider what is perceived as fixed and unchanging. In varying collaborations she explores the possibilities of the spaces that define her practice.

Dramaturge Hannah Loewen- thal wrote about Rita in June 2018:
“Today Rita investigates not simply what fascinates her, but why she is drawn to one thing rather than another, or why this place, not that one, attracts her. This ‘why’ offers her a way to learn more about how she can share this with others, and to identify the conditions of the in between spaces that define her practice. She deconstructs and redefines things we might think of as ‘normal’ by inspiring a state of wonder in people, and inviting them into the (specific) place she would like to be with them. This ‘wondering together’ is an act of defiance that challenges those things that we believe to be concrete and how we might shape the liminal through this shared fascination.”