Rita Hoofwijk

Rita Hoofwijk (1994) is a Dutch artist. Her work begins in actual, Rita Hoofwijk creates installations and does site-specific, spatial interventions. These temporary environments seem to ask us, in all simplicity, to reconsider what is perceived as fixed and unchanging. In varying collaborations she explores the possibilities of the spaces that define her practice.

Lately, Rita has been busy with Jean. Jean is to be visited via the traveler’s smartphone, on the train, for the duration of a journey. It was inspired by a manifesto by artist Jean Tinguely, in which he called for throwing away our watches, putting the minutes and hours beside us.

With Jean, artist Rita Hoofwijk offers a service for a clock-less journey. Not the clockwork, but the perception and experience of constant movement are central: the movement of the train itself; of the body; of fellow travelers boarding and disembarking; the landscape outside, the changing seasons. Jean invites the loss of any sense of time and focuses all the more on the experience of time.

In addition, a preview of the second edition of A series of Suggestions could be found in the foyer of the Brakke Grond during Beyond the Black Box. This publication series is part of Leonie Persyn’s (Ghent University, S:PAM – Studies in Performing Arts and Media) research project The sound of shared Intimacy. Each edition unfolds and celebrates a specific collaboration. In the second edition Here (not anywhere), Leonie Persyn and Rita Hoofwijk look at what happens in the encounter between a place and an artist, an artist and an audience, and an audience and a place. In an unfolding dialogue, they explore what it means to be here in Rita Hoofwijk’s artistic practice.