Nick Steur

Nick Steur (1982) has a specific and highly personal signature: poetic, earthy, visual and intuitive. He uncovers timeless worlds through raw matter and extreme concentration, dictated by natural laws. A way of looking and doing that is at odds with our highly complex and technological world, if not almost forgotten.

Although his work is at the intersection of art and theatre, the performative component is essential: As a performer, Steur’s interaction with the view is intrinsic to his practice, shaping an experience that can only happen here, and only once.

At this moment Nick is working with visual artist Matea Bakula on the performance We Do Matter, reviewed (in Dutch) by Sander Janssens for “The musicality of beating, porphyry that slowly gives place to human intervention, until the stone finally gives in and splits – feels almost as a catharsis – a forced contemplation.”

Read the whole review (in Dutch) here.