Nick Steur

Nick Steur (1982) has a specific and highly personal signature: poetic, earthy, visual and intuitive. He uncovers timeless worlds through raw matter and extreme concentration, dictated by natural laws. A way of looking and doing that is at odds with our highly complex and technological world, if not almost forgotten.

Although his work is at the intersection of art and theatre, the performative component is essential: As a performer, Steur’s interaction with the view is intrinsic to his practice, shaping an experience that can only happen here, and only once.

Lately, Nick has been working on TREK, a collaboration with Peergroup. Nick: “I am fascinated by the story and journey of these boulders. After all, there are no soil-borne stones at this site. They were left behind after the penultimate Ice Age, when they came down here from Scandinavia. Actually, they still roam today; the boulders move slowly but in many ways and often by human hands. The project focuses on the boulder and man and stone travel together through the Drenthe landscape they share.”

Together with Dirk Bruinsma, artistic director of Peergroup, he explored the landscape from Peergroup’s base of operations in Donderen and developed the silence walk TREK.

TREK is a completely independent walk. You get a personal code when you book this short pilgrimage for two. With that, you can enter the TREK container during the day, get an audio introduction and leave behind as much baggage as you dare to let go. Then you choose a cord and attach yourself to the stone of your choice (your new weight). Together you follow the plotted route at your own pace, in silence. The whole day is yours.