Winternights 2019: artistic proposals for a vulnerable audience

We’ve enjoyed the fourth edition of Winternights, 13 & 14 December in Maastricht. A big thanks to our co-producing partners C-TAKT and VIA ZUID.

Theatercritic Fransien van der Putt wrote a review for Theaterkrant, including her experience of Johannes Bellinkx’ new work-in-progress Continuum.

Read the review (in Dutch) / Read the review of Johannes Bellinkx’ work Continuum (in English)

Continuum try-out. Photo by Pedro Morato Gabao


Beyond the Black Box: the art of concentration

“For example, 223m requires a total focus from the visitor, who perhaps walked with a smartphone in a hand minutes before. From that point on, your experience becomes less non-committal, but it gains intimacy due to the concentration.”

Josje Kerkhoven visited Beyond the Black Box and published her review the 26th of February 2019.

Read her review on (in Dutch)

223m by SoAP artists (Photo: Katarina Jazbec)


Can’t stop motion: a real sense of place–time-connection

“Time, space and encounters merge together here in a calm, unspectacular way, so Can’t stop motion provides a real sense of place-time-connection – something many theatermakers aim at, but only few succeed in.”

Evelynne Coussens visited Oerol and saw Can’t Stop Motion by Rita Hoofwijk and Felix Schellekens on June 10 2017.

Read her review on (in Dutch)

Can't stop motion by Rita Hoofwijk and Felix Schellekens