Anneke Tonen

Anneke’s role – in and for the sector – is a dynamic one. In the multitude of activities, partners and ideas, she constantly focuses on changing work practices and (perhaps new) ways of producing, and lightweight collaborations with new practitioners. She has worked with Edit Kaldor (2011 – 2013), Lotte van den Berg (2013 – 2016) and theatercollectief Schwalbe (2015 – present).

In recent years, Tonen has built up a practice in a variety of collaborations, characterized by a continuous questioning attitude. This increasingly led to new forms of partnerships, different perspectives on ways of organizing, flexibility in thinking within projects and processes and an investigation in the ever-changing relationship between art and society.

Anneke Tonen studied Theatre Sciences at the University of Amsterdam and did a master’s degree in Comparative Cultural Analysis, where she graduated with a thesis on the overvaluation of knowledge in society.

She is managing director of SoAP Maastricht.